Server Rules

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Punishment for rule violations depends on the severity of the violation. Most things will start with a kick or two - continued offenses always lead to a ban. Bullying, harassment, hate speech, and bigotry are often immediately bannable offenses. If your violations are of a severe enough nature, you may be IP-banned. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

1. Hacks & Exploits[edit | edit source]

Use of Modded Minecraft Clients that provide an unfair PvP, Movement, Building, or Material Finding advantage is bannable. Exploitation of Minecraft's or of CI's mechanics in ways that harm the experience of other players, create an unfair playing atmosphere or violate the intended purpose of said mechanics is bannable. All exploits must be reported as discovered.

For a list of pre-approved Mods see: Pre-approved Mods.

2. Grief[edit | edit source]

Excessive grief is NEVER allowed. This includes the natural landscape - mining should be done in an RP-friendly way, and terraforming must be finished cleanly. Feel free to ask Staff for help! We are usually happy to do so. Theft, vandalism, and property destruction must have RP motivation behind them, and an Evidence Sign must be left whenever possible.

3. In-Game Actions & Roleplay[edit | edit source]

All actions performed IG are considered Roleplay actions unless all relevant parties agree to treat them OOCly. If you decide to steal from or attack others, expect consequences. Of course, if someone accidentally left-clicks and hits you, it's polite to ignore it. In all cases use common sense, and try to be understanding during disagreements on RP.

4. Proper Chat Channel Usage[edit | edit source]

All out-of-character chatter should be restricted in the OOC channel. If used in any other channel, it must be surrounded with (( )) or [ ]. Spamming local channels with OOC chat is not allowed. Whenever possible, use the /5, /15, and /50 channels instead of larger options. /100, /200, and /300 are for the loudest of shouts. /50 is for talking across a huge room or field. /15 is for most roleplay done inside, and /5 is obviously for private conversations.

5. Roleplay Ettiquette[edit | edit source]

No Meta-Gaming, Power Gaming, or OOC behavior in Roleplay settings. When in-game, we are our characters! Let's be sure to play these characters well and fairly so everyone has a good time.

6. Bullying[edit | edit source]

Bullying or harassment in any form is not tolerated on CI. This will usually result in an instant ban. If your behaviour is questionable and you are warned, or if someone asks you to stop speaking to them / treating them in a certain way, it's usually best to respect that. Of course, common sense is necessary too. Roleplay is roleplay, and being a villain does not constitute bullying.

7. Bigotry[edit | edit source]

Use of slurs is cause for an immediate ban. Bigotry in any form is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

8. PvP / Death[edit | edit source]

When a Player is Defeated:[edit | edit source]

when a player is defeated, both players can use the opportunity to RP between mechanical bouts, as well as roll for injury or disarming, and re-equip dropped armor and gear on the side of whoever lost, both sides should wait until the other is prepared before beginning PvP again. 'ambush' style engagements are still allowed to start off, but after the first round time must still be taken to allow for communication and re-gearing.

Losing:[edit | edit source]

Losing means to be mechanically killed during an in character interaction.

The losing player must roll a DC 15 Constitution through the use of the /Wound command

if the player rolls above the DC, they gain 1 Wound Token, otherwise, they gain 2 Wound Tokens.

for every 5 that the player rolls under the DC, they gain an additional Wound Token.

(so if the DC is 15, and they roll a total of 9, they gain 3 wound tokens)

Winning:[edit | edit source]

Winning means to mechanically kill another player during an in character interaction.

the winning player can roll a Thievery or Grapple check to contest the losing player's Acrobatics or Athletics check, if they are successful, they can remove any single non-armor item from the losing player's inventory.

for every 5 above the losing player's roll the winning player gets, they can take an additional non-armor item, if the winning player rolled 15 or more over the losing player, armor items may be looted as well.

Total Defeat:[edit | edit source]

if the losing player rolls a negative total for their constitution check, the character becomes dead, unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated, the losing player's choice, and their whole inventory becomes lootable for the winning player.

if a loosing player becomes totally incapacitated through other means in character, their inventory is still lootable.

Wound Tokens:[edit | edit source]

a wound token represents how injured a character is, this can manifest in character however the player wishes for it to.

wound tokens can be mechanically added through the /Wound command, each wound token applies a -3 modifier to *all* dice rolls. every 3 hours on-server, a single wound token will be removed from a player's total.

Alternate Options:[edit | edit source]

If the two parties involved in an In-Character PvP session both agree to alternate consequences for the fight beforehand, that may override any rules as listed here. these are intended to be used as a "Default" option, to be used when time isn't taken to agree between participants or an agreement cannot be met between them.

Ban Appeals[edit | edit source]

Use the forum here: (This is a private forum, only you and staff can see your appeal in this section of the Forum)