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Staff-Supported Roleplay, or SSRP, is an integral part to the Crimson Ingot experience. While CI offers base content including classes, unique mobs, special crafting, and unique items, all of which require no more than logging on and playing, there is also a more involved and unique side of our server accessed by reaching out to staff and seeking specific interaction with Staff-Played Characters (SPCs), involvement in Staff-Run Story Arcs, and in some cases mechanical support for personal Roleplay goals and actions.

This wiki page will explore, describe, and explain the different types of SSRP available on CI and help you figure out what you can do to involve SSRP in your own gameplay!

Deity RP[edit | edit source]

The most commonly played SPCs are the eight creeded divines: Akwal, Cavilon, Deserma, Mycelyix, Netharna, Wildaven, Wintival, and Zelphair. Interacting with these divines is simple, straight-forward and regularly done by most players.

Typically, you will pray at a shrine in a biome associated with the god you're seeking. Most characters pray to the god they worship somewhat frequently, but all characters can pray to any god - often this is done when travelling through or mining in another god's domain so as to avoid divine punishment.

After arriving at our building a shrine, it is best to fill a chest or shulker box with offerings (rare materials, lore items, and creed-specific offerings are preferable). Then you simply write your prayer following a /pray command, and if Staff are online and available - and the god is inclined to answer this prayer - you will get a response! If no one answers within ten minutes, it may be better to try to pray again later!

A more exhaustive guide to Deity & Prayer Roleplay is available here!

Advanced Class SSRP[edit | edit source]

Our class system is one that is constantly expanding. While Base Creeds and Base Classes are set in stone, one's advanced class, which can be gained at lvl. 50, can be either chosen from the available list or a player is welcome to write an SSRP Thread applying for a the creation of a new Advanced Class. If approved, this class will be available to future players who follow their same Creed-Class combination. So, how do you apply?

First things first - you need to make sure your advanced class isn't already there. If you're a Netharnan Mage and want to play a master Pyromancer... that option will already be available. On the other hand, let's say you're an Akwhale Archer ... and you want to be a Pirate Sharpshooter. This class might be available, but it also might not! If that's the case, you're ready to apply.

You'll need to head to our forums and create a thread in the SSRP section. The title of this thread ought to be Username Creed-Class DesiredAdvancedClassName [Advanced Class] (ie. Gemini73 - Akwal-Warrior - Tranquil Retiarius [Advanced Class])

In the body of the thread, you'll talk briefly about the RP your character has done to train for this type of class. You'll link wiki pages or forum threads that are relevant to the RP. You're also welcome to attach screenshots of IG RP or of builds relevant to the character (perhaps a dojo, training ground, or pirate ship). The goal here is not to write a book or overwhelm us with information, but we do need to see that you have RPed into this class fairly. Making a new class takes a lot of work on our end, and this is our way of ensuring that players who have earned their advanced class get them first. If you want an advanced class quickly, it is best to just pick one of the available options.

After attaching evidence of RP & a description of your Roleplay, it is time to get straight to the point. Tell us in a very OOC fashion what kind of class this is. For a Pirate Sharpshooter, I might say "The Pirate Sharpshooter class specializes in primitive firearms (flintlock pistols & blunderbusses) and has access to those kinds of items rather than higher level bows. The Pirate Sharpshooter's spells involve throwing bangfish-derived dynamite, additional mobility skills for moving about ship-rigging and moving quickly from one ship deck to another, and some basic cutlass skills for when an enemy manages to get to close."

Asking for a skill does not guarantee it. We need to consider balance, and some things just aren't possible to create. That said, so long as your explanation is sound and the requests are reasonable, we'll try to make the class as requested. The above Pirate Sharpshooter balances out the Base Akwhale Archer, focusing on unique weapons, additional mobility & close-range skills, and a pirate's ingenuity. Some archers may prefer to lean into the long-range & magical aspects of their class, gaining more unique creed shot spells or even purely magical skills.

After you submit your SSRP application, you simply wait. We'll let you know once/if it is approved or if any revisions are requested. When the class is available it will be added to the /class menu for you to pick.

Final Note: As advanced classes are meant to be available to all future players who follow your Creed-Class combo, they should NOT be ridiculously specific. A Pirate Sharpshooter is a good example of MAX specificity. On the other hand, if you decide you want to be a 'Slime-Lord Technolich' - DON'T. Well, do, but that should not and cannot be your advanced class. Most features of your RP, including spells and combat styles will NOT be class based, regardless of what you choose. They will be item based. So, focus on one specialty for for Class: Slime-Lord, Technomancer, or Lich. Then get other magical items & weapons to fulfill your other needs!

General SSRP[edit | edit source]

While the above sections cover more standardized and universal forms of SSRP, they are not the types of RP that SSRP was originally developed for. Back in 2014-2015, players in a faction called La Blue Clan had begun to develop siege weaponry. Their Roleplay was extensive, including threads, diagrams, and legitimate engineering. It was hard to deny that they had invented siege weaponry in Templehelm! But - all they had IG were builds. Staff at the time decided to honor the Roleplay, and during their battles and sieges, trebuchets were fired - and soon all of Templehelm was racing to make functional cannons, trebuchets, catapults, and ballistae. Thus began the era of Extended Roleplay on CI, from which Staff-Support Roleplay is derived.

Regardless of what kind of support or Roleplay you want to do - if you cannot complete it purely with the mechanics available to all players, then it is time to create an SSRP thread. The title of your thread should be formatted Username RelevantTitle [Item/Action/Request Type] (ie. Gemini73 - Great Fork of the Sea [Trident-Smithing])

The body of every SSRP thread will be a bit different, depending on the intensity of the SSRP & the desired goal, however, all SSRP threads ought to be clear, concise, OOCly written.

The average SSRP thread has three parts: 1. Clear, concise statement on desired gain from the Roleplay. (What kind of item/spell/event/etc.) 2. Slightly more in-depth description of how you understand your request, what you're looking for, and how this ties into RP you have done or are continuing to do. 3. Links to Forum threads & wiki pages, attached images of IG RP, builds, etc. Diagrams, art, or whatever else you deem helpful/appropriate is also fine.

Whether or not your SSRP thread gains Staff approval & support (and to what extent it gets support) will depend on feasibility of the request, whether or not the request affects balance of PvP, how labor-intensive your request is compared to how much RP-support you have built up for it, and whether or not the request actually requires SSRP to be fulfilled. Many RPs can and should be done without Staff involvement. We are a small, busy team and if you can Roleplay something without staff help, then you should always do so. On the other hand, if you've done a lot of RP and think a mechanical element to support that RP would be especially helpful, please apply!